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SCUBA DIVING ADVENTURES Industry safety standards, and fun are very important to us. Making you happy is a priority, no crowds, you select the best dive sites or we may suggest a few great reefs for you. If you are visiting in a cruise ship we will get you back on your ship with plenty of time, guaranteed. Long bottom times.
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SNORKELING ADVENTURES COZUMEL What makes our tours different is, we are in the water with you, guiding, making sure you are safe, having a great time, we dive down to look for the best sea life, to point it out, to, give you the name of the creature. If your interest is beyond just the name, we will be happy to tell you tricks so you can free dive longer and deeper to see closer the best fish or creature down underwater.
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SCUBA SNORKEL COMBO, they are quite safe and easy to do, you could share the same reef section, either in a shallow one or medium depth or you could choose to snorkel on a shallow reef and divers in a deeper section of a great reef. If you have a PRIVATE TOUR in mind, please contact us for details.
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Our Top Notch Accommodation Also Includes Regional Cuisine You have many choices, homes and condos in town, San Miguel de Cozumel, to experience the local culture and life. The slower paced North side, or the busier oceanfront communities south of town.

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