Couple of nurse sharks in Cozumel
Nurse Sharks Under The Reef

Cozumel provides the divers with an excellent environment for drift diving, ranging from very slow to fast drift. We are ocean and nature lovers enforce preservation of sea life thru sustainability Choosing a dive site that you will enjoy and be safe is quite important for us so we will suggest a site for your diving according to your petition as well as weather conditions. The presence of oceanic current helps permanent life of the reef, as well as migrating life for temporary shelter, food supply and reproduction ground.

We take care of rinsing, storing, set up and storing your equipment, and other concierge services so you get to explore Cozumel and its various possibilities, or just relax in a nice hammock set up with some local food and drinks. Your equipment will be ready for you the next day on the boat.

Bat fish Cozumel
Batfish in Cozumel

Come and explore the many fun possibilities of scuba diving and snorkeling with Manta Raya Divers in Cozumel, Mexico.

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