Manta Raya Divers goal is to enjoy the underwater world without causing harm to its fragile ecosystem.

Nurse shark Cozumel
Beautiful Nature Perfection
Manta Raya Divers guests are reminded that coral, marine life are protected in Cozumel and should not be touched or collected. The coral reefs are not only a beautiful sight for divers, but they also offer a home for various species, work as indicators of environment health. They protect coastlines. In addition, they have provided a job for humans. When diving around the coral reefs, we enter homes and lives of hundreds of different species. It is our responsibility to respect the vulnerable underwater life, in order to be welcomed by it now and in the future. The Meso-American reef system.
HELP US PROTECT OUR REEFS, OUR HOME, OUR PLANET Master Buoyancy Control is The Key, no Reef or Bottom Contact. Take our Specialty Course on Mastering Buoyancy Control, We will Love to Help You on achieving it!
Women divers and beautiful reef in Cozumel
Balance to Enjoy
Photographers, Your cooperation Please, by having  perfect Buoyancy Control, we will give you tips on how to safely interact with sea life to get the greatest shot. Less Movement for better Control, result on a better Photograph! Sign up for a Specialty Course for useful tips in becoming an Eco-friendly diver. This is easy to integrate with your Scuba Package with Manta Raya Divers.
Green Moray Eel Cozumel
Selfie with Moray Eel
Protect Sharks, Rays, Pink Conch, Grouper, Sea Turtle by not eating them in our local restaurants, there are many other species that are as good or better taste on the menu’s such as Lion Fish, Hogfish, Mutton Snapper etc.
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