Kelley Morgan at work
Kelley Morgan - Accommodations-Reservations-Host

Relocated from Texas USA. Since 1988, Kelley calls Cozumel Island home. Co- Founder of Manta Raya Divers, she would be happy to set up a dream vacation for you, helping you plan a Great Vacation at the best ocean front a nice home in town, any place of your preference. She will assist with scuba/snorkel accommodation packages or in buying a superb home in the beautiful Cozumel Island. Certified Dive Master, she worked as such before and during the early years of Manta Raya Divers, she loves animals, and enforces the care of our environment.

Fernando Gonzalez - Reservations - Host

Fernando is founder of Manta Raya Divers, ocean life lover, promoter of conservation, born in central Mexico, as a child and teen got to travel Western Mexico and saw a magnificent Manta ray that just to hang out close to the small island of La Roqueta, Acapulco which made the name of our brand, due to honor that first experience with Manta ray there in western Mexico. Later have biology studies at National University, in a trip to Nayarit (Western Mexico) came across a group of divers from the faculty, there was a life change, rest is part of life story. Now with 35 years in Cozumel diving & snorkeling, sharing and teaching people from different places of the planet the ways of ocean life, interaction and observation in a perfectly safe and fun experience in Cozumel, Mexico. PADI MSDT 24430 CMAS M1MEX 047 Conservationist of life, Sea or Land, it all revolves to us, is just biologically correct.

Samuel Cuxim Cozumel
Sammy Cuxim - Tour Specialist - Host
Samuel is our 37 year ocean & safe tourism service experience boat captain as well as our snorkel and scuba master. He was born and raised in beautiful Cozumel Island; he has been with Manta Raya Divers for 15 years now. He anticipates your needs by setting up equipment, changing for a fresh bottle of air or nitrox, making sure your equipment is functioning well to have a safe and fun time under the reef.He is also our scuba equipment repair specialist. If you have any issues with your equipment, Samuel would make sure equipment is working great.He is a PADI Certified Rescue Diver #9702041419

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